Dry Eye

Dry eye is a common condition that affects 20 million people in the United States. It occurs when your tear glands do not produce enough moisture and cause various systems, such as blurry vision. At H Rubin Vision Center in Sumter, SC, we provide compressive eye exams to accurately diagnose dry eye and provide treatment to preserve your vision. 

Dry Eyes

Symptoms of Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome symptoms can vary from person to person, but most people feel as if there is something irritating in their eye that they can’t flush out. Some additional symptoms include the following:

  • Burning or stinging
  • Gritty or sandy feeling
  • Itchy and red eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Light sensitivity

What Causes Dry Eye?

Dry eyes can occur due to various causes, whether you wear contact lenses or eyeglasses. Some of these causes include:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Allergic reactions
  • Certain illnesses
  • Poor blinking habits
  • Dry environments

Who is Most at Risk for Developing Dry Eye?

While dry eye can affect people of all ages, certain factors can increase your risk of developing the condition. Individuals who are more vulnerable to dry eye include:

  • Women over the age of 50
  • Those who wear contact lenses regularly
  • Those who use digital devices excessively 
  • People with autoimmune conditions like lupus and Sjogren’s syndrome
  • People whose diet doesn’t include enough vitamin A or omega-3 fatty acids

Diagnosis and Treatment for Dry Eye

In order to receive treatment, our optometrist must first diagnose your condition with a comprehensive eye care exam. During the exam, we will administer painless drops that widen your pupils, which allows us to see the inner parts of your eye more clearly. For treatment, we may prescribe lubrication drops or suggest OTC drops to help with moisture. Along with that, our optometrist may recommend limiting your screen time when using digital devices and staying hydrated.

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